About Us

My Little Sunshine is a non-profit foundation dedicated to educating people about the importance of fertility preservation and making fertility resources accessible to all.

Our Founders’ Stories

Joy Millan and Kayla Lee came together with the shared goal of ensuring that everyone has the knowledge and resources to ensure a healthy path to parenthood.
Joy Millan

Joy Millan is the founder and owner of a surrogacy agency, Joy of Life. As a young mother of two boys, Joy was embracing parenthood. She and her husband were hoping to have a daughter in the future, but their plans were upended when Joy was diagnosed with cancer and learned that both the disease and its potentially life-saving treatments could compromise their dream of a growing family. Thanks to her experience in the fertility industry, Joy and her husband were able to make an informed decision to urgently pursue fertility preservation.


Kayla Lee
Kayla Lee

Kayla Lee is the founder and owner of an egg donor agency, American Egg Donor Bank, who learned about the fertility industry when her husband became ill. Kayla and her husband were high school sweethearts with dreams of creating a family and growing old together. While they were celebrating the arrival of their first daughter, Kayla’s husband was diagnosed with leukemia. As a precaution, before he started treatment, they decided to preserve some of his sperm. After several months of fighting cancer, he passed away, but left Kayla and their daughter with the invaluable gift of hope: the opportunity to continue the family they had started together.

Brought together by their similar struggles, Kayla and Joy felt a strong calling to use their experiences to help others. They thought about all of the people who, unaware of their need for preventive fertility services, might unknowingly lose their opportunity to become parents. They saw a distinct need to educate people about their fertility options and give them ownership over their futures. Joy and Kayla recognized the potential of an inclusive, women-owned foundation dedicated to informing people about genetic testing, fertility specialists, third-party reproduction, and gestational surrogacy. With a vision to build a path to parenthood for as many people as possible, My Little Sunshine was born.

My Little Sunshine’s Promise

By the time many people are thinking about having children, they are well into their twenties or thirties and unprepared for the issues they might face. Younger people, focused on school or their careers, are unlikely to explore preventive fertility preservation, and they probably haven’t even heard of it. But a sudden illness could happen to anyone at any time, and young people are too often left in the dark about what this can mean for them, even far away in the future, if they ever want to conceive.

My Little Sunshine promises to meet people wherever they are. The foundation’s comprehensive services will adapt to the needs of every individual, as well as anticipate the needs of people before they become part of the MLS community.


My Little Sunshine aims to reach as many people as possible: not only patients with cancer, but anyone planning to become a parent. To prepare people to become more informed and confident on their path to parenthood, MLS will share educational information in newsletters written by fertility doctors and other professionals in the field.

In collaboration with schools, universities, hospitals, community centers, churches, and businesses, MLS will organize events, seminars, and fundraisers to raise awareness, foster support systems, and fund life-changing fertility services to the most vulnerable.

Many people are unaware of the importance of preventive genetic screening in planning, so MLS will encourage the use of genetic testing kits to help prospective parents plan for a successful pregnancy. Early awareness of a genetic predisposition to cancer can be a significant gift of knowledge, allowing parents to arrange alternative means of conception if they are at risk for a cancer which might compromise their chances of having a traditional pregnancy in the future. In case of any uncertainty about how this new information might affect their future, My Little Sunshine will guide their clients on the best possible path in line with their dreams.

With the belief that everyone deserves a peaceful path to parenthood, My Little Sunshine will serve anyone in need of support. Many people today are delaying parenthood due to career or financial instability, and MLS family planning offers expert advice and fertility preservation to those who know they want to conceive, and who want to ensure it will be possible for them when they are ready.

At the heart of My Little Sunshine is hope. A baby is God’s sign that the world should go on.